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Helen Davies


Helen started playing piano and violin aged 7. Whilst at school, Helen was a member of the National Youth Orchestra (violinist) and attained Grade Vlll piano.

There is nothing Helen would have liked more than to be a music therapist. However life took her in a different direction, and instead she has run and transformed companies and brands globally. She has lived in 8 countries and worked in many more, specialising in strategic communications, the positioning of global brands and leading the talent agenda. In fact, the skills she believes are necessary to support both BAMT members and the organisation’s growth have been replicated throughout her career. Music has always played a key part in her life throughout her career and travels, singing in many choirs along the way, most notably the Whitehall Choir, where she also repositioned their brand.

Helen has long been aware of music’s power to inspire, to energise, to reach beyond language, and to heal. She has been a member of BAMT since her return to the UK in 2011 and was delighted to be elected as a trustee in October 2019.

Committees Involved:

  • Governance Committee
  • Communications Committee