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The BAMT gained legal status as a company in July 2010 and charitable status in England and Wales in August 2010

BAMT has a membership of Music Therapy trainees, practitioners and those who are qualified but not practising in the UK. It also has an associate membership of individuals, organisations and institutions around the world who support Music Therapy.  BAMT works to provide the public with information and insight into the health benefits of Music Therapy and the means by which therapy can be accessed.

BAMT Memorandum and Articles of Association

The Memorandum and Articles of BAMT have been drawn up to ensure that there is a clear understanding of responsibilities, rights and powers of the trustees and members. This governing document is supported by a set of Regulations which give greater detail about membership and associate membership, organisational structures and procedures.

Board & Meetings of the Trustees and Executive Officers

The Board meets quarterly via Zoom.