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BAMT Conference 2024

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made EMTC2022 such an amazing success. We had >500 people attend in person and >250 joined online with most European countries represented and delegates from as far afield as New Zealand. There will inevitably be a lasting legacy of much improved international working and opportunities for many more collaborations. As I’ve said before, lessons have been learnt on how we can improve on different things for future conferences and we will ensure we continue to make them as good as possible for everyone. Personally it was a real pleasure to meet so many of you in person after so long of only getting to know you via zoom etc.

At the end of EMTC2022 we were able to announce that the next BAMT conference will be held in Leicester at the Curve Theatre with the support of Drum and Brass and will be in May 2024. We are aiming to have a far more interactive conference with more opportunities to highlight the amazing work so many of you are doing in many different ways and in a way that celebrates how fantastic Music Therapy is and how it can continue to improve to meet the needs of a multicultural society.

with best wishes

Andrew Langford, Chief Executive