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Advertising events on BAMT website

From 5th September BAMT will be charging a small fee of £30 (£25 + VAT/per event) for advertising events. Re-advertsing will cost £18 (£15+VAT). Information on your event will be circulated to our 1000+ members throughout the UK and internationally through our internal mailing list. In addition to this, your course will be publicly advertised on our website. We also have over 11,000 followers on our social media channels, and we will ensure that any comms tagging us will be reshared. The Events bulletin will be sent out fortnightly. Please check the below page for further information

If you would like to advertise an event with us, please fill the below Google form by 12pm  on the Monday of Events Bulletin week (dates below). 


Future Events Bulletin Dates

22nd February 2024 and every two weeks after that date.


Payments could be made via bank transfer. Please contact BAMT for further details.