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An Introduction to Music Therapy in the UK

By Alex Blood

Alex qualified in 2020 as one of the first graduates from the newly established University of Derby training.  His clinical placements were in Under 11 MAT teams with the local city council and within acute hospital wards for elderly patients with complex dementia at Royal Derby NHS Hospital. He currently delivers clinical work in SEND settings and works in partnership with Derbyshire Mind to deliver Music Therapy informed well-being activity across the region.

Find out more about Alex's work here: www.derbyshiremusictherapy.co.uk

Twitter: @alexbloodMT

Introduction to BAMT for Trainees
This short introductory video gives an insight into the workings of BAMT for Music Therapy trainees.
Introduction to Music Therapy in the UK
A brief introduction into what Music Therapy is and who can benefit from accessing Music Therapy sessions. Many thanks to Alex Blood, Music Therapist, for creating this video.
Music Therapy with a young boy with autism
(Shlomi Hason)
Eitan is diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and has complex needs. His main difficulties are to develop social relationships and to communicate with others around him. For a long time Eitan had his hands tucked away inside his shirt and refused to use them. In music therapy he was refusing to use his hands to play on any of the instruments, but was finding ways to tell the therapist that he wished to hear him play the piano or the guitar.
The Parting Glass - closing ceremony of the BAMT conference 2021
This performance was first aired on Sunday 11th April 2021 at the closing ceremony of the British Association for Music Therapy's first ever online conference, Open Ground: Music Therapy in Collaboration & Exchange. With contributions from Musicians and Music Therapists from across the UK and the world, it was one of the final musical performances of the weekend. The arrangement is by Audrey Snyder and the video was produced by Jonathan Cousins-Booth