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Research is an integral component of music therapy as an evidence-based contemporary profession and discipline. In addition to exploring and demonstrating the impact of music therapy and ensuring high standards of practice, research evidence informs funding and policy making decisions in the field.

UK music therapists have been and continue to be integral in the development of regional and international research initiatives and collaborations, as well as in the provision of education within research active environments.

As part of its aim to promote the art and science of music therapy, BAMT supports and develops further research in music therapy. In particular BAMT aims:

  • to promote current research activity and participation in research to both music therapists and public;
  • to provide opportunities for music therapists to develop and share research ideas and skills;
  • to enable small-scale research to happen through funding and to promote opportunities for larger funding;
  • to increase awareness of current and emerging research evidence through links with stakeholders on national and international levels.

Research Work Areas

BAMT’s research agenda is currently implemented through four main research work areas
  • Resources
  • Network
  • Funding
  • Collaborations

The BAMT Research Officer represents and advises the association in research-related matters. They can be contacted at info@bamt.org

  • The BAMT Register of Surveys, Research and Evaluation Projects (ROSREP) provides information about music therapy research activity within the UK. It also enables researchers to recruit participants for ongoing studies.
  • Other online research-related resources are listed on BAMT’s website, including the index and abstracts to the association’s peer-reviewed journal The British Journal of Music Therapy.
  • The BAMT monthly e-bulletin keeps membership up to date with ongoing research activities and news.
  • Access to the BAMT mailing list for sample recruitment purposes is offered to research organisations or individuals who conduct research at a professional or doctorate level. Project registration to ROSREP is a prerequisite for mailing list access.
  • The BAMT Research Network provides a forum for sharing ideas, information and resources. Welcoming both experienced and novice researchers. The network provides opportunities for supporting and/or mentoring those seeking advice or guidance in research in its many guises.
  • In addition to meetings and CPD events, the Research Network members receive research-related news through the network’s mailing list.
  • BAMT’s Small Grants Scheme supports training and research in music therapy.
  • Other funding opportunities, such as grants from the Music Therapy Charity, are circulated through the BAMT’s e-bulletin.
  • BAMT is a member of The Music Research Consortium UK (MRC-UK) which represents UK professional organisations promoting research in music.
  • BAMT is a member of the Council for Allied Health Professions Research (CAHPR) (previously Allied Health Professions Research Network, AHPRN) which develops AHP research, strengthens evidence of value and impact, and enhances patient care. BAMT members can access the CAHPR research hubs across the country to seek research advice as well as to attend CPD research events. 
  • BAMT is open to be part of research collaborations in areas that are directly connected to the association’s charitable aims. Proposals can be sent to info@bamt.org


Call for Participants!


My name is Caroline Lang. I am a final year master’s student at the University
of the West of England, studying a degree in Music Therapy


Are you a Music Therapist who works with children who are
currently or have previously received hospital treatment
which has involved an invasive medical procedure?
The main purpose of this research is to explore the role that music therapy
plays in supporting children who are undergoing hospital treatment that
involves an invasive medical procedure(s).

Participation involves a qualitative interview which will last up to 1 hour.
If you are interested in taking part or have any
questions? Please contact: Caroline3.Lang@live.uwe.ac.uk