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An Introduction to music therapy with Nordoff Robbins

Are you a keen musician, music therapist or want to learn more about music therapy? Our free online course will give you an introduction to music therapy and Nordoff Robbins’ person-centred approach.

Who is this course for:

This course is for anyone interested in becoming a music therapist or learning more about the Nordoff Robbins approach
You may already be a music therapist, or interested in becoming one

The course:

The course is online over the duration of six-weeks
You can learn in your own time, there are no set seminars or lessons
It’s free – you just need to sign up to FutureLearn

How to sign up?
Simply visit FutureLearn, sign up, search the course and get started today.

What you’ll take from this?
On this free online course, you will explore music therapy through the Nordoff Robbins approach, gaining an understanding of how music therapy works and has developed.

Once completed, our aim is that you will be able to:
Find out the key elements of how music therapy works and can help in a range of settings 
Understand the early work of Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins who pioneered ‘music as therapy’
Be able to explore the importance of music-making
Start to develop and understand the skills of a music therapist
explore therapeutic development through shared music therapy case studies.

Register here now!

The course is a six week course, with three hours weekly study time.
The course is completely online and you can sign up for free for eight weeks access.

Cost  Free access to the course for eight weeks.
Upgrades and subscriptions are available – please see the FutureLearn website for full details.

Preparing for music therapy course auditions

I offer private individual tuition to people who wish to undertake a training course in music therapy and who want help in preparing for the practical auditions. In my teaching I draw on my experience as a music therapist, with a focus on developing the student's listening and communication skills, musical imagination, and the confidence to improvise as required during the audition. In my teaching I emphasise the enjoyment of playing with sound and an understanding of how the musical audition relates to the music therapy setting.   

For information and fees please contact me, Oleg Fruchter via email or by phone - 01803 849 203 / 07889 350 255