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The BAMT Register of Surveys, Research and Evaluation Projects (ROSREP) 

ROSREP is a UK-based online register of surveys, research and evaluation projects. It includes both published and unpublished projects (including Masters and PhD dissertations) irrespective of their methodology or sample size.

ROSREP aims to provide an overview of music therapy research activity within the UK, as well as provide BAMT members and the public (including service-users, policy-makers and funders) easy access to surveys, research and evaluation projects.

Download ROSREP file below

(Please note: ROSREP is updated on a regular basis with new projects and information. Always check that you have its latest update version)

How to register a project:

There are two registration routes:

Standard registration route:


This registration route requires a brief description of the project (max. 500 words). This route should be chosen when a project is registered for sample recruitment purposes (e.g., online surveys inviting potential respondents).

Registration steps:
  • Click on  the registration link above (and a window will automatically open in your internet browser).
  • Complete the relevant online form.
  • Send an email to the BAMT Office (info@bamt.org) to confirm your submission.
The registration criteria are:
  • Surveys: Any survey which is open to UK music therapists to participate in can be registered. Both UK-based or international surveys are welcome.
  • Research and Evaluation Projects: Any research or evaluation project which has taken place within the UK and/or has been led by UK music therapists can be registered.
  • Masters and PhD Student Projects: Any research or evaluation project which has been led by Masters and PhD students within the UK can be registered.

Please note that only one project can be registered at a time. If you would like to register more than one project, please complete the registration process for each project you would like to submit. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the BAMT office (info@bamt.org