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Working with someone with a neuro-disability

Music is processed in many parts of the brain, which makes it an excellent tool for people living with an acquired brain injury or a neuro-degenerative condition.

Individual and group programmes can be devised for assessment, neuro-rehabilitation, and quality of life which can be addressed by adopting the following three approaches:

  • Compensatory – using music to compensate for losses in conjunction with tools such as memory / communication aids
  • Restorative – using music to regain skill and function e.g. through Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT)
  • Psycho-socio-emotional – using music to enable emotional expression, engagement in social interaction and adjustment to disability

NMT is a neuroscientific model of practice which consists of 20 standardised research-based music therapy techniques designed to improve the lives of people with neurological disabilities. The techniques cover three overarching rehabilitation domains including:

  • Sensorimotor training
  • Speech and language training
  • Cognitive training
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