BAMT Conference 2021 FAQs

When will the conference be taking place?

Open Ground: Music Therapy in Collaboration & Exchange will take place from the 9th-11th April 2021.

What platform will be used for the conference?

We are working with the company FreshStart Events(, send out information on how to access and use the platform inthe run up to the conference. This will include video tours to ensure all delegates are comfortable using the platform prior to the main event.

How will I access the online conference?

Delegates and presenters will be sent a link in advance of the event to access the platform. Prior to this we will send out supporting information on how to access the platform and what to do should you experience any technical difficulties.

I was due to present at the 2020 conference, what are the options for the 2021 conference?

It is our hope that as many of our 2020 presenters will be able to participate in the 2021 conference. While we appreciate that not all presenters may be available for the new conference, as the event will now be online there isthe option to pre-record sessions. Tessa Watson, Chair of the Conference Programming Group, will be in touch with all presenters soon to discuss and confirm arrangements.

How much are tickets? Are day tickets still an option?

It is not possible to offerday access for the 2021 conference, therefore all ticket prices are for the whole weekend. Where possible, sessions may be recorded/pre-recorded. BAMT will have access to all recorded material following the conference and a link to access these will be made available to all delegates.

The new cost for tickets are:

  • Non-Member: £200
  • Member: £100
  • Student: £70

The registrations will open by mid-January.

Tickets for the 2020 conference which cost more than the online conference. Will I get a refund?

Yes. Delegates who purchased a ticket for the 2020 conference will be refunded the difference. To request your refund, please contact the office ( who will arrange returning the funds to you.

Please make this request with your bank details by Tuesday 15th December.

Is my 2020 Student ticket still valid now I am qualified?

If you have a student ticket for the 2020 conference, we will honour your ticket for the 2021 conference as a student ticket. If you requested a refund for the 2020 conference and you have now qualified, you will need to purchase a full rate ticket.

Why is there such a cost difference between member and non-member tickets?

We acknowledge and appreciate this has been a very difficult year for the professiondue to the impact of Covid-19. We have lowered all costs, but as we are a membership organisation it is important to us that we provide what support we can to our contributing members. It is with this in mind that the BAMT have decided to offer a lower price to members, with the hope that this will help increase accessibility to the conference.

Will I be able to access materials after the conference?

Any recorded material used in the conference will be available to the core team at BAMT following the conclusion of the conference. These will be distributed to delegates by BAMT following the conference.

Will there be any opportunities to meet with other delegates at the conference?

There will be a number of ways in which delegates and presenters can connect with one another on the platform during the conference. There are options to send private messages to one another to askquestions or arrange meet ups. There will be also be lobby area with virtual tables that delegates can use to network or connect with friends and colleagues using video or chat functions.