Vol 7 No 2 1993
Published: Tue 1st June

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Journal Articles:
Out of Sight - Out of Mind? Reflections on a Blind Young Woman's Use of Music Therapy (p5 - p11)
Music in the Pastoral Care of Emotionally Disturbed Children (p12 - p22)
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This article sets out to describe some of the content of a recent Ph.D. thesis (Birmingham University) entitled 'Music in the Pastoral Care of Emotionally Disturbed Children'. The thesis attempts to articulate an understanding at theoretical and practical levels of what it is in the process of music in the pastoral care of emotionally disturbed children that brings about a degree of transformation in the client. The theory gradually evolved through the practice of music therapy with emotionally disturbed children in a residential school over a two-year period. Three case studies are described in the thesis: one of these is included in the article. The particular contribution of this thesis is that it suggests and describes a direct link between the elemental dynamics of music and the elemental dynamics of people in relationship in the context of creative musical play. This play is then considered as a medium in which transformation of damaged people in relationship may occur.
Music Therapy and It's Relationship with Creative Arts Therapies (p23 - p24)
Priorities in the Training of Music Therapists (p25 - p26)
Book Reviews
Music Therapy in Health and Education edited by Margaret Heal and Tony Wigram - Reviewed by Sarah Caird and Peter Short (p27 - p32)
Symbols of the Soul: Therapy and Guidance Through Fairy Tales by Birgitte Brun - Reviewed by Claire Flower (p27 - p32)
Music and The Mind by Anthony Storr - Reviewed by Rachel Darnley-Smith (p27 - p32)
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