Vol 6 No 1 1992
Published: Wed 1st January

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Journal Articles:
On Music Therapy, Fairy Tales and Endings (p5 - p9)
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This article opens by questioning the validity of making a close therapeutic relationship within an institution. In attempting to resolve this dilemma, it then looks at the function and nature of fairy tale as a way of describing music therapy. Two analogies are used: one emphasising the facing of inner problems and conflicts, the other emphasising escape from the problems of the outer world. In conclusion, it looks at fairy tale endings in order to pose a solution for the opening question.
Towards Music Psychotherapy (p10 - p12)
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This article is something of a large-scale map on which are outlined some very general thoughts about music psychotherapy. It covers an enormous area and I have sketched out fundamental concepts derived from psychoanalysis and from my work in music therapy. I view music therapy as a derivate of psychoanalysis and attempt to link the two by considering music as a bridge between unconscious and conscious processes.
Teaching Music Therapy Students on Practical Placements - some observations (p13 - p17)
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In the article the author makes observations about some of the difficulties that music therapy students experience while they are on clinical placements. Suggestions are made about how to help and teach students during their clinical placements. After some general observations, the author talks at length about how to help the student with "clinical improvisation" and then considers two other important areas: "the ability to form a relationship with the client" and "learning to fit into a team of other professionals".
The Relationship between Music Therapy and Psychotherapy (p18 - p23)
Book Reviews
Music Therapy for the Autistic Child by Juliette Alvin and Auriel Warwick - Reviewed by Jean Eisler (p24 - p26)
Pied Piper: Musical activities to develop basic skills by John Bean and Amelia Oldfield - Reviewed by Janet Hoskyns (p24 - p26)
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