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International Interview Series (p5 - p8)
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Expanding on the central theme of this issue, three music therapists give their responses to questions concerning the development of the profession in different areas of Europe. These three views of different aspects of the development of music therapy in a variety of countries place the work of the UK profession into perspective, as well as raising some important further questions for the future. Monika Nöcker-Ribaupierre is based in Germany, leading the music therapy training course in Munich, and is the current General Secretary of the European Music Therapy Confederation; also in this edition we publish a review of her most recent publication Music Therapy for Premature and Newborn Infants (Barcelona Publishers). Tracey Jones works in Dublin and heads the Music Therapy Department at Cheeverstown House. Tracey is an active member of the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists (IACAT), an organisation that is involved in new developments in the creative arts therapies professions in Ireland. Claire Flower is the Chair of the British Society for Music Therapy and well known both in the UK and internationally as a clinician, presenter and author.
Steering a path through change: observations on the process of training (p9 - p15)
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There are very few papers or articles that focus upon either learning and teaching, or student change, in the music therapy training experience. This paper considers the process of change during training. The student perspective is considered by using quotations from trainee music therapists. These quotations have been gathered over several years through small research projects studying learning and teaching. These quotations from students will be used to illustrate the author's thoughts about change and the process of training. Theories of learning and teaching are used to further illuminate the author's conceptualisation of student training.
Issues in the training of music therapists- two views from the past (p16 - p19)
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Relating to the leading article in this edition of the journal, we reprint two short contributions published between 1988 and 1993, focusing on different issues about music therapy training. While these articles originally stood alone, they can be seen as perspectives from the past that also resonate with the present, and the current issue of the journal. They also draw together some general and specific ideas about the development of music therapy and the place of training programmes within these, a topic that is embedded in the Interviews from this issue. Taken as a whole, while very much of their time, these views from the past enable us to both look back and forwards, and provide another perspective from which to view this edition of the journal
And the question is...? (p16 - p18)
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Music therapy training: a personal experience (p18 - p19)
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This article explores a personal experience of a music therapy training course. It attempts to identify that which constitutes the change from a musician to a music therapist, looking specifically at the personal challenge of self-discovery which is involved in that process.
Essay Review
Musicing, time and transcendence: theological themes for music therapy  (p20 - p28)
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Musical Improvisation, Heidegger, and the Liturgy: A Journey to the Heart of Hope By Andrew Cyprian Love (2003, Edwin Mellen Press ISBN 0-7734-6726-2) Theology, Music and Time By Jeremy S. Begbie (2000, Cambridge University Press ISBN 0-521-78568-5)
Book Reviews
Music Therapy for Premature and Newborn Infants - Reviewed by Jacquiline Robarts (p29 - p32)
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