Published: Sat 1st June

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Music Therapy with Anorexia Nervosa: An Integrative Theoretical and Methodological Perspective (p3 - p13)
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This article starts with an overview of the theoretical concepts, the aetiology and the guidelines that have been developed in verbal psychotherapeutic treatment of anorexia nervosa. Next, the views of music therapists working with anorectic clients are compared to the ideas of verbal psychotherapist, and it is shown that there are many points of agreement. In the most important part of the article the following issues are presented: the way in which anorexia nervosa is expressed in musical behaviour, reasons why music therapy should be indicated and, finally, examples of musical playforms and techniques that can influence typical aspects of anorexia nervosa.
Music, Meaning and Archaic Forms: A Response to Kimmo Lehtonen (p14 - p20)
Chaos, Noise and a Wall of Silence: Working with Primitive Affects in Psychodynamic Group Music Therapy (p21 - p33)
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This article explores the efficacy of weekly psychodynamic group music therapy with those with chronic mental illness in a Therapeutic Community setting. An exploration of the author's general theoretical standpoint acts as the context for a discussion of the group in question and the specific approach that has evolved over four year's work. The group's use of the music therapy process is examined in the light of a single session, and its underlying processes are further explored in relation to Wilfred Bion's theory of K and minus K (bion 1967). The music therapy is viewed essentially as providing a space for emotional communication and resonance to a group whose members are all severely isolated, silent and cut off.
Book Reviews
Music Therapy Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Perspectives - Reviewed by Helen Odell-Miller (p35)
Music for Life: Aspects of Creative Music Therapy with Adult Clients - Reviewed by Helen Odell-Miller (p36)
Children with Autism: Diagnosis and Interventions to Meet Their Needs - Reviewed by Auriel Warwick (p38)
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