27 May 2023

We Are Monster is a music therapy network for and by persons for colour who are music therapy trainees and music therapists. We would like to welcome you to a day dedicated to the experiences of music therapists and music therapy trainees of colour. The discussion points for the day will emerge from what the participants bring and there will be an opportunity for in depth discussions, formulation of strategies going forward and space to play.

To provide our therapists of colour with a dedicated [safe/brave] space, devoid of having to centralise a white narrative, we respectfully ask those who do not identify as a person of colour to refrain from attending this event. There will be opportunities to learn alongside us in the future, but this day will be solely for music therapists and music therapy trainees of colour to meet in person and allow us to have a space where none has existed before. We look forward to sharing our experiences through blogs, podcasts, articles and chats.

If you would like to attend, please contact davina@atonal.co.uk as numbers are limited. Additionally, if this day sounds of interest to anyone else you know who may benefit from it, please encourage them to get in contact. The event is free and more details will follow nearer the date. Access to a café is on site with water readily available. If you have any accessibility requirements, please let us know and we will accommodate you as much as possible. You will be encouraged to join the ‘We Are Monster’ Network group on the Mighty Networks platform as part of this event (but not mandatory!)


We look forward to hearing from you soon,


‘We Are Monster’ Team