Vocal Psychotherapy - Distance Training Course, UK

15 February 2021 to 31 December 2022

This is a twenty-two month advanced training course taught by Dr. Diane Austin, available to qualified music therapists or other therapists with a comparable skill set, which will result in a certificate in Vocal Psychotherapy from the Music Psychotherapy Center in New York City, USA.

Course Description
Vocal Psychotherapy is the use of the breath, natural sounds, vocal improvisation, songs and dialogue within a client and therapist relationship to facilitate intra-psychic and interpersonal change and growth. It combines the ideas and theories of depth psychology with the practice of vocal music therapy. This model includes vocal holding techniques©, free associative singing© and other techniques for accessing conscious and unconscious feelings, memories and associations.

The course will provide students with a broad theoretical and experiential knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of vocal improvisation in music therapy. The strong Jungian-based theoretical foundation will be taught through lectures and discussion and students will learn to apply theory to practice through experiential workshops.

The core learning during the residential weeks will be experiential, providing rich opportunities to observe, participate in and lead voice-centered therapeutic experiences and interventions. The beautiful residential setting will allow the students to fully immerse themselves in the course content and build relationships with fellow participants (see below for details)

Students will be encouraged to communicate closely during training to support one another’s learning and development.

See attached flyer for more information.