Music Therapy Outcomes Star Training

10 July 2024

Whether you work within an organisation or as an individual practitioner, best practice in Music Therapy work consistently evidences the many valuable and practical advantages to using outcome measures. The Music Therapy Star has been designed specifically for children and adults receiving individual or group music therapy.

Join our online training delivered by one of our experienced music therapists and licensed Music Therapy Star Outcomes Measure trainers.

You must be a registered Music Therapist with HCPC or a student completing their MA in Music Therapy to complete this training. A license must be purchased to use the Music Therapy Star in your practice.

Details: 9:30am - 4:30pm on Wednesday 10th July

Ticket Cost: £185 Includes

  • Training Fee: £140
  • Freelancers Licence Account Fee: £45

Benefits of Purchasing the Ticket:

  • Access to all stars, including the music therapy star, for one year.
  • Support for measuring impact through outcome measures.
  • Licence account fee: £45 (reduced from £250) after completing the Outcome Star training.

Book here:

Alternatively, if you are going to join your organisation's existing licence account after the training, you can access the training for just £140.

Contact us at to arrange this.