“Music & Care: The Music Imagery and related methods” (Basic level 1)

21 January 2023 to 04 February 2023

New short-term training programme (online - zoom)

New Dates

Saturday 21 to Sunday 22 January, 2023 &
Saturday 4 to Sunday 5 February, 2023

Times 10.30-17.30 CET (GMT+1)
(Applies for all 4 days of the seminar)

Psychosocial demands of the Covid -19 era and the wider need for social / emotional empowerment and mental resilience created the necessity for a new, short and flexible training programme specialising in short-term methods of receptive music therapy (Music Relaxation, Music Imagery) at a supportive, resource-oriented level. The SONORA Organisation has therefore developed a skill-sharing course directed to humanities professionals who wish to include music in their practices as a complementary or primary tool.

This course is accredited by the European Association for Music and Imagery (EAMI). The programme is offered as an independent training course leading to “Music & Care: Certification in Music Imagery methods basic level 1” according to the guidelines of the European Association for Music and Imagery (EAMI). This course is also an equivalent qualification to the GIM method, Level1/Seminar 1 in accordance with the standards of EAMI. Those who meet the requirements may wish to complete the full GIM training and/ or the Music Breathing method at a later stage. (The “Music & Care” programme consists of one more seminar in Advanced MI methods /level 2 before level 3 full GIM training).


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