Children, Young People and their Families (CYPF) Network Meeting

26 November 2022

BAMT CYPF network meeting schedule 26th November 10-1pm
Dear all,
Here is the outline of presentations for our CYPF meeting online on Saturday 26 th November between 10am and 1pm. We have two very interesting presentations by Eleni Tsolka and Tara Roman and a percussion workshop facilitated by Risenga Makondo. There will also be time for networking and breaks during the morning.
You can book your place directly through BAMT.

10am Introduction to the morning

10.05 Eleni Tsolka: ‘Intersectionality in Music Therapy work in Palestine: How intersecting identities 
affected  group dynamics’

10.50 comfort break/networking

11.00 Tara Roman: ‘A reflection on processes of learning and discovery in participatory research exploring therapeutic relationships with children and young people with disabilities’

11.45 comfort break/networking

12.00 Risenga Makondo: Percussion workshop.

Percussion workshop instructions:
? Please sit on chairs by a table and if possible close to a sink!
? Instruments: water, rice, metal spoon and cup (glass or plastic), plastic curry bags, voice
? Body percussion
? Junk percussion drumming using all household

13.00 end of meeting

To sign up, please complete the following google form.

Hope to see you there.
Best wishes
Vicky Kammin