BAMT - Introduction to Music Therapy

23 September 2023

Join us for a 5-hour Introduction to Music Therapy, designed to provide an overview of the fundamental principles and practices of Music Therapy. Led by HCPC registered Music Therapists, this workshop will cover the basics of Music Therapy, including its history, the various populations it serves, and the different approaches and techniques used in therapy sessions.

Through a combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on activities, participants will learn how music can be used to support emotional expression, communication, and cognitive development, as well as enhance physical, social, and spiritual well-being. The day will also offer ideas for next steps in becoming a Music Therapist, including training training options and how the courses are structured.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, educator, musician, or simply interested in learning more about the field of Music Therapy, this workshop will provide you with a solid foundation for further exploration and study. Don't miss this unique opportunity to discover the transformative power of Music Therapy!