Addiction and Recovery: Healing the Wounds of a Lifetime

13 November 2021

Following his one-hour workshop at BADth 2020’s online conference, addiction specialist Simon Marks offers an in-depth, full day CPD on Addiction and Recovery.
Alcohol, cocaine, crystal meth, GHB, MDMA, nicotine, marijuana, opioids, binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, gambling, prescription medication, fantasy, work, over-spending, pornography, sex, love, exercise, rescuing, shopping and relationships. They can all be addictive. But when do they actually become an addiction? Understanding addiction as a complex manifestation and reaction to childhood trauma, family dysfunction and developmental immaturity, is the key to helping our patients and clients get in to recovery.
In this CPD, we will journey together, through the life map of addiction, from birth to recovery. Using his own lived experience as an addict in long-term recovery, and a wealth of clinical expertise from his private practice and work in a rehab facility, Simon will arm you with the facts about addiction, and how to work with it. We will break-though the myths and misunderstandings, to uncover the truth of what addiction actually is…and what it isn’t. With compassion, sensitivity, humility and honesty, we will explore deep into the psyche of addiction, understanding where it comes from, and what lies at its core. And most importantly, how to recover.
Featuring experiential exercises, background theory and clinical case studies, you will be invited to regard addiction - as well as other compulsive behaviours and processes, as merely the tip of the iceberg. Together, we will uncover what really lies beneath and how to treat it.
Applying workable models of recovery and relapse prevention used in treatment centres, psychoeducation as well as Pia Mellody’s model of co-dependency along with aspects of IFS and dramatherapy, you will be offered an honest insight into what long-term recovery looks like and appropriate interventions. As a clinician, you will learn what role you might play in your client’s recovery. Approaching addiction in this way, we will discover that addicts are not broken, and therefore do not need fixing. What they are is hurting, and their solution lies in healing - often from a lifetime of painful wounds.

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