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First sixteen weeks of music therapy for a young boy
(BAMT Resources)
here you see a child in music therapy sessions, overcoming his anxiety and finding the confidence to interact and communicate. View Video >>
How music therapy reaches people
How music therapy reaches people View Video >>
Music therapy with a blind autistic boy
Music therapy with a blind autistic boy View Video >>
Music Therapy with a young boy with autism
(Shlomi Hason)
Eitan is diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and has complex needs. His main difficulties are to develop social relationships and to communicate with others around him. For a long time Eitan had his hands tucked away inside his shirt and refused to use them. In music therapy he was refusing to use his hands to play on any of the instruments, but was finding ways to tell the therapist that he wished to hear him play the piano or the guitar. View Video >>
Ronans Music Therapy
Using music to unlock closed doors, exposing potential, possibilities and opportunities. View Video >>
What is music therapy
(Kalani Das)
Music Therapist, Kalani Das, talks about the definition of music therapy. Many people get it wrong. This video seeks to help them understand the difference between music and music therapy. View Video >>
Working with a girl with autism
(BAMT Resources)
The therapist provides a narrative to accompany this example of therapy in practice with a young girl with autism. View Video >>