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Published: Thu 1st June
Vol 31 No 1 2017
Journal Articles:
Editorial (p3)
Tony Wigram Student Prize (p4)
The first 'themed' British Journal of Music Therapy: An Introduction to music therapy with families (p5)
Muisc therapy in the neonatal intensive care unit: Putting the families at the centre of care (p12-18)
Case Studies
'BabySounds': Promoting bonding and attachment, pre- and post-natally, with vulnerable first-time parents (p18-25)
Cacophonies of discord, moments of harmony: Managing multiple needs in short-term music therapy with triplets and their mother (p26-31)
Long-term music therapy at a Child Development Centre: Changing and growing with Harry and his family: A case study (p32-38)
Music therapy for the child or the family? The flexible and varied role of the music therapist within the home setting (p39-42)
Fathoming the constellations: Ways of working with families in music therapy for people with advanced dementia (p43-49)
The 'Music Therapy with Families Network' (p50-52)
Book Review
Stine Lindahl Jacobsen and Grace Thompson (eds), Music Therapy with Families - Therapeutic Approaches and Theoretical Perspectives (p53-56)
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