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Information concerning Video Presentations of CRs on Facebook / Youtube

Dear fellow EMTC Country Representatives,

in July 2020, the Action Team PR started a new project. It consists in presenting one CR per month on EMTCs Facebook page / Youtube channel.

We do this because we realized that EMTC is maybe a quite vague concept even to a lot of our colleagues in music therapy world. And seeing a face of a music therapist, telling their story, makes our profession and also our function in EMTC more clear to (general) public we think.

In July, we started with Tali. Katie followed in August. As we try to always post a new video around the 15th of each month, there will soon be news again!!!

There isn't a specific plan for when each country will have their turn. But we try to choose each month based on region, age, gender etc. so we have a variety and give a picture of the breadth of our profession across Europe. We will send instructions and more detailed information to the CR invited to submit a video for a specific month but don't worry, it is not complicated at all to do this!

You find the videos here: https://www.facebook.com/European-Music-Therapy-Confederation-EMTC-457537594595992 and on EMTC's Youtube channel. Please do share these videos, as well as other information posted on Facebook, with your associations, colleagues etc!

We will also invite you to help make videos accessible to an even broader audience by adding subtitles in your own languages. We already added quite some languages to Katies and Talis videos, but if you'd like to contribute by adding your language, please get in touch with us. It is something that can be done quite easily and it will help to reach more people with EMTC's messages.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or remarks regarding this project or other PR related topics.


Cathy, Ingeborg and Katie - the PR team leadership trio

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