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Sun 1st July
Vocal Psychotherapy Distance Training Course, with Diane Austin

Vocal Psychotherapy

Distance Training Course, UK

2018 – 2020 

This is a two year advanced training course taught by Dr. Diane Austin, available to qualified music therapists, which will result in a certificate in Vocal Psychotherapy from the Music Psychotherapy Center in New York City, USA. 

Course Description 

Vocal Psychotherapy is the use of the breath, natural sounds, vocal improvisation, songs and dialogue within a client and therapist relationship to facilitate intra-psychic and interpersonal change and growth. It combines the ideas and theories of depth psychology with the practice of vocal music therapy. This model includes vocal holding techniques©, free associative singing© and other techniques for accessing conscious and unconscious feelings, memories and associations. 

The course will provide students with a broad theoretical and experiential knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of vocal improvisation in music therapy. The strong Jungian-based theoretical foundation will be taught through lectures and discussion and students will learn to apply theory to practice through experiential workshops. 

The core learning during the residential weeks will be experiential, providing rich opportunities to observe, participate in and lead voice-centered therapeutic experiences and interventions. The beautiful residential setting will allow the students to fully immerse themselves in the course content and build relationships with fellow participants (see below for details) 

Students will be encouraged to communicate closely during training to support one another’s learning and development. 

Course Content 

Through a combination of lectures, workshops and discussion the course will cover: 

• The theories of depth psychology including psychoanalysis and Jungian psychology. 
• Vocal interventions and how they can be adapted with different populations. 
• Vocal holding techniques©, free associative singing© and other techniques 
• Awareness of the benefits of deep breathing practice in singing and as a therapeutic tool. 
• Knowledge of how natural sounds and movements enable a connection between body, mind and spirit. 
• The therapeutic value of toning and chanting. 
• A repertoire of improvisational sound and movement games and exercises. 
• Therapeutic songwriting 
• Use of verbal interpretation 

Reading and written assignments will also be set. 

Course dates and structure 

The course will run from July 2018 to July 2020 with residential weeks 23rd till 29th July 2018, February and July 2019, and February 2020 (dates to be confirmed) 

Year 1: 2 x residential weeks, 8 x 1.5hr online seminars 
Year 2: 2 x residential weeks, 4 x 1.5hr online seminars 
8 x 1:1 online supervision sessions supporting 20 hrs clinical case work 

The residential weeks will be over six days, including 5 full days of workshops and day off in the middle for processing and rest. 

There will then be monthly online seminars, taking place on Saturday afternoons. These will be in small groups, with live online connection to Diane in New York. Supervision in the second year will be arranged individually. 

Residential Weeks at Fair Oak Farm 

Set in the heart of the countryside in the South East of England, Fair Oak Farm offers high quality accommodation and plenty of space to work in small or large groups. This unique and beautiful setting surrounded by woodland and lush green valleys will enable participants to fully immerse themselves in the course and connect with their creativity. Everyone will have their own room, each with its own individual character, and there will be plenty of time to relax in the afternoons and evenings. There will also be one day off in the middle of the six days when students will be free to explore the local area. All food is included and locally sourced where possible, with the exception of lunch and dinner on the middle day. 

The farm is located near Mayfield in East Sussex, just one hour from London and Gatwick airport. 

Please visit for further information 

Course fees 

Residential Weeks Teaching £110 per day x 5 = £550 
Accommodation & food £90 per day x 6 = £540 
Per week = £1090 

x 4 weeks = £4360 
Online contact 1.5 hr group seminars £40 x 12 = £480 
1 hr supervision £45 p/h x 8 = £360 

= £840 
Total: =£5,200 

Once a place has been confirmed, a payment of £1000 will be due to secure your place. A range of payment options for the balance are available including monthly or three monthly payments until 2019 and a reduction of £200 will be given if the full amount is paid by 23rd April 2017. 

It is advised that people go to their own therapy during training 

How do I apply? 

Applications should include a letter giving your reasons for wanting to take the course, your voice work history, and curriculum vitae. Please send applications via email to: Tina Warnock, Course Coordinator and Head of Service at Belltree Music Therapy CIC: 

If you would like to discuss your application please email Tina, at the address above, or call +44 (0)1273 776454. 

Suitable applicants will be interviewed via Skype by Diane Austin. There are 18 places available and we hope to complete the interviews and place allocation by December 2017. 

For further information about Diane Austin and her work, please visit Pictures and feedback from Vocal Psychotherapy graduates in the US 

‘I highly recommend Dr. Diane Austin’s Introduction to Vocal Psychotherapy Workshop, as its participants will come away from it feeling energized, inspired and having gained a deeper perspective on their own work as clinicians. The experiential exercises, lead by Dr. Austin, are innovative and powerful, helping participants understand the true nature of the vocal psychotherapy techniques. 

Dr. Austin is a highly skilled therapist and trainer of the vocal psychotherapy method, which she has created herself. She brings openness, warmth, creativity and an uncanny nature of zeroing in on the heart of the issue. This experiential workshop will not only expose these advanced methods to its participants, but will help its participants take a microscope to their own work. Participants will be challenged to think more deeply about themselves, as well as their own work; as the two go hand in hand. Clinicians will come away from this training feeling more motivated about their own work and excited about the different and creative ways to take their work to the next level. By the way, it is also fun! ‘ 

Allison Reynolds, LCSW, LCAT, MT-BC, October 2, 2016 

‘I am a Licensed Creative arts Therapist (LCAT) working on an acute behavioral health hospital unit and maintaining a private psychotherapy practice treating clients in recovery from substance abuse and childhood trauma, including sexual abuse. In her program Dr. Austin provides a strong, Jungian based theoretical foundation as well as the opportunity to observe and practice both verbal processing and vocal improvisation techniques. Her Vocal Holding program is comprehensive and thorough offering unique and effective techniques to build trust, promote relaxation and focus, and bring important intrapsychic material to conscious awareness. Throughout the program, Dr. Austin provides ongoing group and individual support. Dr. Austin also provides trainees with an extensive body of research related to her model and her techniques, grounding them in the evidence-based practice required in today’s healthcare environment. Dr. Austin’s program was without question the most important part of my preparation for this work and was instrumental in my development as a therapist. Thanks to Dr. Austin I approach clients confident, grounded and prepared. I cannot imagine who I would be in my work or how I would practice my work without this preparation. I consider this background and training to have made me as well or better prepared to work in psychiatry than my colleagues in social work or nursing. I give this program my highest recommendation!’ 

Laurie Crosse, LCAT, MA, MT-BC, VPT 

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