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Fri 13th November
Masterclass: Therapeutic Interventions to Reduce the Harmful Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences

NEW: We are pleased to offer the option to attend this masterclass as a virtual online course; find out more about our Virtual Training.

A modular, multi-focal, trauma-informed solution

The programme will outline the increasing evidence of the impact of Adverse Experiences of Childhood (ACEs) on the health and well-being of children and young people extending into adult life. There is a growing demand for interventions to prevent their harmful effects.

Research will be reviewed about the impact of ACEs through population studies, intergenerational studies, and specific groups – self harming, mental health, and substance abuse, offending, and violent behaviour.

The Neurobiological Traumatic impact of ACEs including the triggering of Toxic Stress will be reviewed.

Recent evidence will be reviewed about protective factors, which promote children’s resilience despite growing up in harmful contexts.

Approaches to intervention will be reviewed, to prevent the harmful impact of maltreatment and the limitations of these approaches to fit with the complex responses associated with multiple ACEs.

A solution is proposed, based on the highly effective Modular Approach to Children with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and Conduct Problems (MATCH-ADTC), which integrates common practice elements from effective single approaches to these problems. The modular Hope for Children and Families (HfCF) Intervention Resources add to these elements from the field of interventions to prevent abuse and neglect, – the core of the ACE problems.

The HfCF Intervention Resources will be introduced to help practitioners, by providing a trauma-informed, transdiagnostic, modular approach, establishing a profile of harmful adversities, and their impact, and developing a programme of intervention with a video training case.

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