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Thu 6th June to Sat 8th June
ELEMENTS Bristol Hip-hop Conference

ELEMENTS BRISTOL 06-08 June 2019

2nd Meeting of the European HipHop Studies Network

University of Bristol, UK

KEYNOTE: Juice Aleem and J. Griffith Rollefson (UCC)

Call for Papers (Reminder--deadline 31 January)

Emceeing. DJing. Breaking. Graffiti. Hip-hop is commonly understood to
consist of these four elements. The idea of four elements is one of hip-hop
culture’s core narrative and most pervasive founding myth since its
beginnings in the Bronx in the 1970s. Yet, the idea of four core elements
has been highly contested since the beginning of the culture as there is no
unified definition of how many elements exist, who defined them, and how
they came together.

The second meeting of the European HipHop Studies Network therefore explores
one of hip-hop’s most central ideas, the ideas of elements: Who defines
them? What do they tell us about cultural,  social, and economic
communities and boundaries across Europe? How do these limits vary
according to various contexts and practices across Europe? What are their
consequences for cultural production and consumption? The objective of the
meeting is to trace, interrogate, and expand the notion of elements as
central organizing principles in hip-hop culture and their variations
across Europe.

We invite papers, panels, performances, and contributions from a wide
variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and angles. Scholarly disciplines
include but are not limited to art history, cultural studies, black
studies, ethnography, geography, graffiti studies, literary studies,
musicology, pedagogy, performance studies, philosophy, political science,
sociology, and visual culture studies. Artistic contributions include
performances, themed panels of any format, lecture-recitals, and
philosophies which combine research and praxis (or practice-as-research).

Artistic and scholarly proposals engaging with European hip-hop’s elements
(those based both in Europe and outside of it) should include a title, 250
word abstract of their contribution and short biographical sketch. This
should be submitted to no later than 31
January 2019. We especially welcome papers that engage with
less-academically-visible work, and from artists and practitioners from a
wider variety of backgrounds. We hope to see you in Bristol!

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Justin Williams:

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