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Fri 22nd November
Dramatherapy Wales Conference 2019


Dramatherapy Wales Conference 2019 

“I am here, here am I: Creatively exploring the spaces between the personal and professional” 

The conference will be held on Friday 22nd November 2019 in Swansea. 

We are looking for workshops, presentations or papers that explore the roles of the therapist’s professional and personal selves and the spaces between them. We are interested in the impact of personal events upon the therapist and how they are carried into the therapeutic relationship. 

Is our job as a therapist just a job or a part of who we are? Do our personal lives come into the therapy room and if so how? How can we maintain holding boundaries for ourselves at home when affecting life events evoke the therapist in us? 

Areas to explore may include: Pregnancy, parenthood, bereavement, relationship breakdown, severe illness, redundancy, global events, homelessness. 

We are very interested in accepting proposals across the arts therapies and particularly welcome any current research in this area. 

If interested please send an expression of interest briefly outlining your idea.
Submissions of no more than 150 words. The idea does not need to be fully formed when submitting. 
Please send proposals to by 18th July 2019. 

Many thanks
Seren Grime

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