The NEST Programme - for newly/recently qualified Music Therapists

01 October 2022 to 31 December 2022

This 6 month programme will help those are new to the profession to develop their skills and better understand how to apply them. We know how valuable it is to equip newly qualified practitioners with the learning and tools to improve their practice and get their careers off to the best possible start, with increased knowledge, understanding, confidence and employability.

The NEST programme is a modular programme encompassing;

- training (from music tech to neurodiversity in music therapy and more)
- monthly mentoring sessions led by some of our most experienced staff
- peer-led group supervisions to support and develop confidence
- peer support community to nurture and build connections

We have more information about the NEST programme on our website at or email to find out more and secure your place on our first cohort.

For further information:

@ChilternMusic (twitter and insta) 

ChilternMusicTherapy (facebook)