CYPF Network Meeting

19 June 2021

CYPF network meeting 19th June 2021 10.30-3pm
Anouska Henderson 'Online music therapy with children in an SEN school and a children’s hospice during the pandemic'

Anouska will be sharing an overview of her clinical work during lockdown

Networking/breakout spaces

Coffee break/networking time

Davina Wilson ‘Understanding our privilege and the oppression of a single story’ workshop
For the first part of the workshop Davina Wilson will lead a discussion on the wider elements of oppression and disadvantage that may affect our clients. She will open this up using a ‘Privilege Walk’ tool and also discuss the issues and downfalls of using such tools widely. There will be lots of opportunity to discuss either as a large group or as smaller groups in breakout spaces to dig a little deeper into our own questions or experiences you would like to explore in a safe space. This is, of course, optional.
Davina will continue to lead the workshop by highlighting the problematic assumptions we can hold as a profession of our clients when we only know of a ‘single story’ about them. This can affect every client as we group them into marginalised arenas, unaware we are not seeing the individual for their unique experience.

The time we have together will be an opportunity to take the next steps in this difficult conversation around protected characteristics, disadvantage and oppression. We must be able to recognise our own role we play in order to become allies in changing the way we interact with our peers and clients for both their benefit and ours.
If there are any questions/areas you would particularly like to explore within the workshop please email

Lunch break

Lunch break/networking time

Roddy Skeaping Guided Music Journey
"The future for travel is inward" – so you will need your best headphones for a tour of “Guided Music Journeys – their place and purpose” by Nordoff-Robbins and receptive music therapist Roddy Skeaping. Through an exclusive headphone journey, experience how music and words may be combined in a new form of receptive music therapy where a strong narrative line holds the listener on a powerful adventure safely through a range of feelings towards a joyous, transformative resolution. Uses the best that classical music has to offer.

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