Music Therapy Conversations - Lesley Schatzberger

Episode 62 - 18 May 2022
Topics: Music Therapy in General

Founder of the charity Jessie's fund

Davina Vencatasamy talks to Lesley Schatzberger. Lesley is the founder of the charity Jessie's fund. Jessie’s Fund was established as a registered charity in 1995 and helps children with serious illness, complex needs, and communication difficulties through the therapeutic use of music. Music can provide a powerful and profound way in which children can express themselves and connect with the world around them. Lesley’s experience when her daughter Jessie was in a children’s hospice made her aware of how many children struggle to communicate: it was clear to her how music could help these children. As a clarinettist Lesley has worked in a range of music-making – from working with Stockhausen to touring extensively with orchestras such as the English Baroque Soloists and the Academy of Ancient Music. She teaches at the University of York: in 2006 that institution awarded her an honorary doctorate.