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Music Therapy Charity

The Music Therapy Charity is currently inviting its next round of proposals from music therapists (including research students) to support research. Grants may be made to help with such costs as part-time salary for fixed periods, academic or clinical supervision, and collection and analysis of data.

With a limited annual research budget (currently £15,000) we invite applications for small grants to go towards funding of projects, some of which are likely to be co-funded from other sources. All areas of music therapy research will be considered. To apply, please submit a concise summary of the project using the application form provided at ( see under: What we fund/small grants/how to apply).

Typical grant sums awarded are up to
£1,500.The deadline for submissions is 31 July 2019 and funding outcomes will be communicated to applicants by the end of September 2019.Submissions should be sent by email to:Professor Ian Cross, Research Committee Chair, The Music Therapy Charity

 BAMT Small Grants for 

Music Therapy Trainees

Thank you for sending in applications,
the 2018/19 application process to the BAMT Small Grants Fund is now closed.
All Applicants should have been notified by now about the funding for this year.

The next Small Grants Funding opportunity will be from November 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Partridge on
020 7837 6100 or email


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