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Benefits of joining the BAMT 

Whether you are a music therapist, in training or simply interested in music therapy, we welcome you to join the BAMT.

There are several categories of membership. Please click here for more information about the different categories available, and to apply online.

Practitioner membership (including trainee, overseas and career break) with the BAMT offers:

  • Subscription to our monthly e-bulletin with the latest news and events
  • Job notifications
  • Free online access to the British Journal of Music Therapy
  • Free online access to Leading Note 
  • Membership with the Networks and Area Groups
  • Access to our members' only online forum
  • Links to the European Music Therapy Association and the World Federation of Music Therapy
  • Access to free resources, professional advice and support
  • Access to the members'-only section of the website
  • Free listing in the BAMT Find a Therapist service
  • Access to the BAMT supervision register
  • Reduced rates for BAMT CPD training and events
Associate and corporate membership for individuals and organisations with an interest in music therapy, membership with BAMT offers: 
  • Online access to the British Journal of Music Therapy
  • Online access to Leading Note 
  • Access to BAMT events 
  • Latest news and information about music therapy
  • Access to CPD events
Tax relief on annual subscriptions to BAMT
As a member of BAMT, it is possible to claim tax relief on your full annual subscription. BAMT is now listed under the 'Approved professional organisations and learned societies' on the HMRC website. It is easy to set up and this means that the cost to both self-employed and employed members for their membership with BAMT is lowered by the rate of tax. 

If you are self-employed you can submit your claim with your self-assessment return. 

If you are employed, the amount of the tax relief is claimed by following the link below and completing the online form which can be submitted electronically or in paper form. As an employee, you are not able to claim tax relief if your subscription is paid by your employer. 

Please note, you will also be able to obtain tax relief for your registration fee with the Health and Care Professions Council. 

Please visit the following page for more information on claiming tax relief on professional membership: 

Please note: There is currently an issue with HMRC's internal database and if you submit a claim during this period, you may receive a letter from HMRC to say that BAMT is not a recognised organisation. If you contact HMRC they will confirm that BAMT is recognised and will process your claim. 

Application for Membership of BAMT

Membership Type | Personal Details | Employment | Confirmation

Step 1 - Membership

Please indicate which type of membership is required

Open to: Practising, qualified HCPC-Registered Music Therapists
Fees: Practising, qualified HCPC-Registered Music Therapists: £179
25% discount during first year of registration: £135

Please tick this box if you are in your first year of registration.

Open to: Those who have been but are no longer practising as Music Therapists  (career breakand
those who have successfully completed a music therapy training approved by the Health and Care Professions Council and who are non-practising  and
those who have successfully completed a music therapy training approved by the Health and Care Professions Council and who practise overseas (overseas) and
those who have qualified to practise music therapy outside the United Kingdom and have an HCPC application pending for registration as a Music Therapist (transitional)
Fees: Career Break, Overseas and Transitional: £110
Retired: £72
Please select a Membership Type:

Open to: Those enrolled on a music therapy training course approved by the Health and Care Professions Council.
Fees: Trainee Membership: £55

Open to: Individuals who are interested in Music Therapy and in promoting the Objects of BAMT.
Fees: Individual Associate Membership: £62
Student and OAP concessions (25% discount): £44

Please tick this box if you are a student or OAP.

Open to: Please note that Corporate Membership is no longer available with BAMT. Institutional Subscriptions to the British Journal of Music Therapy for 2016 can be be arranged through Sage Publications, please contact