Guidance on Online Submissions
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BAMT Conference 2020

Open Ground: Music Therapy in Collaboration and Exchange
3 – 5 April 2020
Queen's University Belfast

Music therapy helps address some of the major challenges of our time and innovative partnerships and exchanges continually evolve. Our conference will offer opportunities to share and hear about the diverse and varied exchanges across music therapy. Ideas relating to this theme within our profession are welcome across all dimensions. In particular, we welcome the participation of experts through experience through their collaboration and sharing with music therapists and others.

Detailed guidance for abstract submission

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Saturday 12th October 2019

All submissions will be reviewed by two members of the Conference Programming Group who will look at all the submissions independently. We will remove the identity of the submission authors and any identifying information during this process.. We will contact first named authors in November 2019 to inform them if their abstract has been accepted for the conference programme.

We welcome submissions that demonstrate a co-produced approach; e.g. collaborations with experts by experience, music therapists and those who are not music therapists. All submissions should be of interest to music therapists or those who make use of music therapy. We also welcome contributions from all around the world. 

Our reviewers will consider how closely the submission links to the conference title and theme. They will consider the balance of the conference programme and how the submission links to music therapy. The quality of writing of submissions will be considered, including language accessibility for a range of audiences including experts by experience. Presentations tend to be the most popular form of submission so the number of these may be limited. If your ideas would also work well on a poster, a round table or a workshop please do consider these options. 

During the submission process, you need to let us know which programme option you prefer (see below), to help us construct the conference programme. The final decision regarding the programme option will however be taken by the Scientific Committee.

Programme options:
  • Presentation (Duration: 25 minutes)
  • Poster 
  • Round table discussion (Duration: 90 minutes)
  • Workshop (Duration: 90 minutes) 
We welcome multiple submissions from the same people.

Everything you send must be in English. Please complete all the text boxes on the online form. Please prepare and proofread carefully before you press send. What you send us is likely to appear in the Conference Programme so any errors may be reproduced. 

Please note that if you make a submission you are committing to present at the conference if your submission is accepted.
  • Please provide:
  • A title (20 words maximum)
  • An abstract (300 words maximum)
  • Keywords (5 words maximum)
  • Up to 5 relevant and accurate references (please use Harvard referencing system)
  • A short biography (50 words maximum). The focus of biographies should be based on notable achievements. We’re interested in sharing through the programme who you are rather than how long you have been trained or where you have trained.
All our contact with you about your submission will be with the first named author on the online form. It is the first author’s responsibility to share information regarding their submission and the conference to all those who are involved in the submission being made.

By submitting, the first named author confirms on behalf of all others involved that the submission is their own original work, does not infringe anyone’s rights and that they have obtained all the necessary permissions relating to consent including video, data and images.

You will be asked to give consent for your presentation to be filmed for live streaming at the conference and for future dissemination.

If you have any further questions about submitting an abstract, please contact the Conference Programming Group by emailing:

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Conference Programming Group
August 2019