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Your Need-to-Know Guide for Presenting at the BAMT Conference 2018

Dear Chairs, Presenters, Workshop Leaders and Round Table panels,

We are just over a month away from the conference, and I'm sure some of you will have started to think about AV, IT and other resources for your sessions. 

Here's our 'all-you-need-to-know' guide about what's on offer at the Barbican Centre and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and what you will need to have in place in order to ensure a smooth and stress-free session.

Consent, best interest and confidentiality
For those who are including clinical material in your presentations, consent has to have been obtained or a best interest agreement needs to have been agreed before you can present clinical material at the conference. Please take the appropriate steps to ensure that your client(s)' best interests and confidentiality is upheld and protected.

Please make sure that your devices are password protected. Likewise, if you are using a USB/Pen Drive, please make sure this is encrypted. The BAMT, Barbican and GSMD are not liable if your device or files are lost or stolen. 

The BAMT, Barbican and GSMD are not liable if your device is lost or stolen i.e. you will not be covered by the BAMT, Barbican or GSMD insurances. We would ask that you take responsibility for your own equipment. 


WiFi is accessible at the Barbican Centre: 

Network name: Barbican Event
Password: 2368

WiFi is also accessible at the GSMD, (including Milton Court): 

Username: BAMTConf
Password: 2018

This information will also be printed on the reverse of your conference badge. 

Presenters should not plan to use the internet during their presentation as the WiFi connection across the venues can not be relied on due to the potential number of users during the conference weekend. We would suggest that you download any clips / extracts in advance and embedded them into your presentation. There may be some special cases where a network cable may be able to be provided, but you must contact us in advance if this is absolutely necessary. 

All spaces in both venues have audio and visual playback facilities, i.e. screen, projector and speakers. In the Barbican spaces, the Frobisher rooms 1 - 6 do not require microphones for presenters, but there are microphones in the auditoria. In GSMD, only the larger spaces, such as the Music Hall, Lecture Recital Hall, and Milton Court require microphones, and these will be provided. 


No laptops will be provided for use therefore all presenters must bring their own laptop which is required to be Portable Appliance Tested (PAT) if you are plugging into the mains at any point during the conference.

All electrical equipment (this includes electronic instruments) and devices that are being brought to the conference for use will need to be PA tested if you are plugging them into the mains. If you are bringing an iPad, for example, and it is fully charged, and you do not intend to charge it at the venues, then, in theory, you do not need to have it tested. However, it may be easier to have it tested, just in case. 

You can find out more about PAT here 

It may also be possible that your workplace offers PATs. Please speak to your IT or Facilities department. 

PAT is particularly important if people are presenting in the Frobisher spaces.

if you are a Mac user, please ensure you have relevant adapters for linking up.

The set up in all spaces is PC and Mac friendly, but please check that your device is capable of screen sharing of mirroring the screen, i.e. is capable of being projected. 

Audio and visual clips - these are the things of nightmares, but in a presentation, can be golden. Please make sure that you have your clips correctly embedded. Bring backup of clips on CD / DVD, do whatever you need to prevent your blood pressure going through the roof on the day, if your clip won't play. Time is very limited for this conference, and session chairs will not be delaying sessions if there is a clip fail, therefore please, please, please ensure that your clips work well in advance and don't just hope for the best on the day. 

If you are presenting in the Frobisher Rooms (1 - 6 but not the auditoria), you will need to be aware that sessions will be running concurrently in the other rooms, either side of yours, unless you're in rooms 1 and 6, in which case there will only be one session running alongside yours. These spaces have flexible room dividers which will remain in place throughout the conference weekend. The volume level at which clips can be played will be set by the Barbican Centre and must be adhered to. Although the sound proofing is great, there is some leakage due to the nature of the spaces. These are not large spaces but the acoustics are excellent, therefore microphones are not needed for these rooms. 

Poster presentations

Poster presentations will be displayed in the Barbican and GSMD. There are two poster prizes up for grabs this year, so make yours stand out from the crowd! We would suggest that you bring your poster with you and you can add it to the display on Saturday morning when registration opens at 8am. Voting will take place throughout Saturday and until the end of lunch on Sunday. Votes will be counted after lunch and prize winners announced at the Closing Ceremony. 

Poster presentation guidelines
Please pay attention to the following when preparing your poster: 
  • Posters should be A1 size (landscape or portrait)
  • State the title and the author(s) at the top of your poster in easily, readable bold letters
  • The text and the illustrations should be readable from a distance of 2 meters.
Please make your poster as attractive as possible; you will also be supplied with a table upon request, and it is possible to incorporate audio / visual material using a laptop if this aids the poster presentation. If using a laptop, please make sure it is PAT or fully charged. Please email any table / AV requests to by 1st February. 

Set up:
Saturday 17th February 
8.00 - 10.00am

Take down:
Sunday 18th February 
2 - 4pm

Please liaise with the conference desk if you need to arrive / leave earlier / later. There is NO need to inform us ahead of time, unless you are not able to attend the conference. 

Poster viewings
Saturday 17th February, lunchtime
Sunday 18th February, lunchtime

Workshop Leaders 
If you are running a session that requires instruments, please contact Cathy Warner on if you have any instrument requests for particular instruments, otherwise we will put together a generic group for your use. 

Workshop Numbers
If you haven't already done so, please reply to Usha with regards to numbers for your workshop. This is vital information so the sooner we receive this, the sooner we can communicate with delegates about how to sign up for workshops. As you know, workshops are a hotly anticipated element of the conference! 

Round Tables
Conveners, please make sure that your panel members have the IT and AV information. Where possible, please combine presentations onto one device or USB / Pen Drive for smooth transitions between speakers. 

All round table sessions will be recorded and material used to form podcasts for our Music Therapy Conversation series following the conference. 

On the day...
There will be one technician on hand, both in the Barbican Centre and GSMD. We would ask that you come as prepared as you can be to prevent any last-minute panics. 

Lastly, handover between sessions needs to happen swiftly in order for the conference to run smoothly and to time, therefore we would ask that you are at your presentation space 10 mins beforehand to ensure an immediate handover. As already said, session chairs have been tasked with managing time strictly, and they will be equipped with '5 mins to go' and '1 min to go' signs which they can show you discreetly if you need. We hope you can help them with timekeeping by being super prepared to prevent any slow-down. 

If you have any questions about your device, space, conference facilities or presentation, please contact me sooner rather than later so that any issues can be resolved in advnace. 

Thank you all so much for helping us put together such a rich and varied conference programme.