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Request from Hatty Hughes - Call for Participants.

Participants are sought for a dissertation research project conducted by a 3rd year MA Music Therapy student at the University of the West of England. The research will be qualitative and use inductive thematic analysis.

It is hoped to find 6 Music Therapists who are willing to participate in a study that seeks to explore the inner experience of music therapists when improvising music.

The research will involve one-off individual interviews between researcher and participant. Each interview will start with a music improvisation involving participant and researcher (myself), and then move into a free verbal exploration of the experience. Interviews are anticipated to last for about 1 hour.

All material will be anonymised and remain confidential, and destroyed after submission/qualification, thus protecting the privacy and anonymity of all participants.

The interviews can take place at the University of the West of England Glenside Campus, in Fishponds, Bristol, or the researcher is happy to travel to other locations.

I am a 3rd year student on the Music Therapy MA at UWE. I am a qualified attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist and would be very interested to hear and learn of your experiences.

If you are interested in taking part in this research contact, please do contact me at:

Many thanks!
Hatty Hughes. UKCP.

Request from Veronica Austin. 

Research participation (CPD) opportunity!

To music therapists and school-based stakeholders please contact me if you are interested.
I am carrying out PhD music therapy research into assessment and evaluation procedures in the practice of individual music therapy with young people 11-15 yrs with moderate or severe intellectual (learning) disabilities. Some of you have already contributed in a preliminary survey. THANK YOU.
Some of you have already been invited and said yes THANK YOU but I need a few more people with a range of perspectives.

Carrying out assessment and evaluation procedures is a vitally important
part of a music therapists work. HCPC standards , music therapy literature, educational and health directives and funding sources demand that we evidence our work and that we consult and collaborate with those impacted.
Clarifying procedures will improve the work and strengthen the evidence for
every young person whether we are looking at process or progress or both.
Using consensus development methods I am running 'Nominal Group Technique' meetings, to garner opinions from those with experience in any aspect of this topic, assessment and evaluation, the client population -adolescents with intellectual disabilities who will largely be in special schools ( different criteria in Scotland), experienced supervisor of therapists working in this area or experienced clinicians in special schools with a range of children and young people,

Group meeting dates - (only one required)
Wednesday January 31st 1.45-5.30pm in Isleworth, London
Wednesday February 28th 2pm-6pm Cambridge
Wednesday March 14th Scotland morning Edinburgh venue tbc
Friday March 16th 9.30am- 1.30pm London venue to be confirmed
Possibility of one in Bristol Wednesday March 28th

If you interested and available on one of these dates and want to find out moreplease contact me Veronica Austin on I can contribute to 37.00 per person towards expenses.