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Games and activities are a great way for children with special needs to learn important skills.
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A Comprehensive Guide to Music Therapy
Theory, Clinical Practice, Research and Training - Music therapists, as in medical and paramedical professions, have a rich diversity of approaches and methods, often developed with specific relevance to meet the needs of a certain client population.
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A Positive Approach to Autism
In this fresh and positive book, Stella Waterhouse investigates how people with autism perceive the world, and discusses the symptoms, behaviours and possible causes of this condition.
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Adolescents, Music and Music Therapy
Methods and Techniques for Clinicians, Educators and Students - When guided effectively, the relationship between adolescents and music can offer powerful opportunities for expression and release. This book provides music therapists with the complete 'how to' of working with teenage clients.
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Age-Appropriate Activities for Adults with Profound Mental Retardation
This book is a user friendly approach for any caregivers (therapists, family, friends, etc) who work with adults with very challenging issues related to profound mental retardation. The authors have found, through hands on experience, that these people can learn and can greatly benefit from interventions designed specifically to increase their skills and quality of life.
Alike and Different
An updated version of a classic! In this second edition, Carol Hampton Bitcon, presents Orff-based music therapy activities for individuals and groups of all ages and abilities.
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Analytical Music Therapy
This book brings together the professional experiences of eminent analytical music therapists from Europe and the USA. The book examines the origins and theory of AMT (including a contribution on the subject from Mary Priestley), before exploring its uses in various contexts.
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Arts Therapies and Clients with Eating Disorders
Fragile Board - Eating disorders are of increasing concern in the medical and psychiatric professions. Growing awareness that the arts therapies have something unique and positive to offer led to the publication of this book by experts in all areas of the arts therapies.
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Reaching Across Borders - The legal and humanitarian response to the world's growing population of refugees and migrants has created more awareness of not only the physical but also the psychological needs of displaced peoples.
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Asperger's Syndrome
A Guide for Parents and Professionals - 'Parents, other family members and professionals have to understand the point of view of people with Asperger's Syndrome in order to work with them effectively. The strength of Tony Attwood's book is that he has made the essential imaginative leap into the Asperger world.
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