AGM 2018
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Saturday 29 September 2018, 
11.30am - 3.30pm

Venue: University of South Wales, City Campus, Newport, Gwent 
(Room A29)

Thank you for everyone who attended  this year’s AGM and voted to show your support. We had a very productive day. Thank you for Liz and the team for hosting the AGM at USW and making the day very pleasant. 

You can now download the Wales Area presentation from this page. The recording of the debate  is now available via the BAMT facebook page;

“This house believes that music therapists are the only professionals qualified to use commercial, recorded music as a health intervention”


As projects such as ‘Playlists for Life’, ‘Music for My Mind’, and many others encourage us to self-medicate with our music collection, there is a risk that the music environments individuals surround themselves with could be counterproductive and possibly harmful without the professional guidance of the music therapist, the only state registered musical health practitioner in the UK. Encapsulated songs can have developing and changing meanings for individuals, especially in times of stress or unwellness, and it’s this volatility that needs specialist monitoring and consideration. This problem can be exponentially amplified in group work settings. 

Speaking for the motion, Marianne Rizkallah’s musical training was in Popular and World Musics before training as a Music Therapist in 2012. Marianne is a BAMT trustee and a psychodynamically informed practitioner and have received further training in psychodynamic psychotherapy from the Tavistock.

Speaking for the motion, Paul Fernie is a Bristol based University of South Wales Music therapy student. Paul has completed a BA in Music Production and Sound Engineering and currently works as a music producer and professional DJ. 

Speaking against the motion, Alex Lupo is a busy practicing musician and has many years’ experience of working in the community, making music with a wide range of groups and individuals. Alex is also a Music Therapist, a graduate of the University of the West of England, Bristol and a therapist in the South West. 

Speaking against the motion,Clare Maddocks has recently finished her MA in music therapy at the University of the West of England. Having a keen interest in music in health settings, her final research project explored the impact of live and recorded music interventions on adults with brain injuries. She currently works for Key Changes and Chiltern Music Therapy, and hopes to pursue further neurologic work in the future.