AGM 2017
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Saturday 14 October 2017 , 12.30 - 4.30pm

Claremont Centre, London, N1 9PD

You are warmly invited to attend this year’s AGM. A light lunch will be provided between 12.30 - 1pm. 

The meeting will begin with presentation of the annual reports and accounts for 2016-17, followed by election of trustees, resolutions and voting, and an opportunity for questions and discussion.

This will be followed by a round table discussion (2.45pm - 4.15pm) on ‘Today’s music therapists - thriving or surviving? Exploring the value of music therapy in the UK’. Please find below information on the round table. 

Your votes matter to us. You can return your voting form to us either via email or post. If you cannot attend the meeting, please vote by appointing a proxy or returning your form to us before the AGM. 

After the meeting, all attendees are welcome to join us for the BAMT Social  at Craft Beer Co. 55 White Lion Street, London N1 9PP

Please let us know your attendance here;

BAMT Annual General Meeting 2017 Round Table Discussion

"Today's music therapists - thriving or surviving? Exploring the value of music therapy in the UK"

Rates of pay can be a thorny topic for any profession, and perhaps music therapists face a particular set of challenges. In order for other people to value our work, they first of all need to understand what it is we do, our particular set of skills, and how they might be put to good use. Describing all of these things is context-specific, even client-specific, and whatever our skill-set, we may be needed for different things, depending on the situation. What a music therapist does in an under-5s group for children with social communication difficulties might look very different from what they might do in a forensic setting. Furthermore, we have all undertaken a substantial and demanding training, intellectually, physically, psychologically and emotionally. It’s possible that music therapists might be subject to similar misconceptions as musicians in general, that what we do is ‘fun’, ‘rewarding’, perhaps even a ‘hobby’, not really ‘work’, which might undermine the perception of us as skilled professionals. Should we be driving a counter-narrative to these perceptions, or do they sometimes work in our favour?

The discussion will be chaired by Luke Annesley, BAMT trustee and presenter of the BAMT podcast, ‘Music therapy Conversations’. The panel for the round table discussion is now confirmed and consists of Anna Maratos, Alexia Quin, Simon Procter, Joy Gravestock and Ben Saul. This will be a free-flowing discussion with questions and comments invited from the audience, which we hope will be enjoyable and enlightening. Some of the questions we hope to address include:

  • How much should a music therapist be paid? What role should the BAMT have in determining rates of pay? 
  • What is ‘value’ in the context of music therapy?
  • How do we communicate the value of music therapy to different audiences?
  • Should we think of ourselves as ‘commodities’ in a ‘marketplace’?
  • What skills does a music therapist bring to the table?
  • How much do we consider sustainability? What measures can be taken to ensure that music therapy services can survive in the long term?
  • Do we need to provide evidence of our value? If so what form(s) should this evidence take?
  • Is there sufficient scope for career progression in the music therapy profession?
We are fortunate to have panel members who bring a wide range of experience from the NHS, the third sector, and freelance work. There may be some contrasting views from both the panel members and the attendees. Come along and be part of the discussion!

We look forward seeing many of you at the AGM