Music Therapy Conversations - Davina Wilson

Episode 49 - 13 April 2021
Topics: Music Therapy in General


Davina qualified as a music therapist from Anglia Ruskin University in 2006 and has been working in wide variety of settings ever since. She specialised in a brief therapy model, writing her masters these in this field. She has continued to explore this model in special educational needs settings with children and adults in schools and residential settings. She has worked in acute and long term mental health in the NHS and continues to explore different and innovative ways of working. She is currently one of 5 directors at Drum and Brass, a grassroots arts organisation making headway in effecting positive change in diversity and safeguarding in Leicester with dreams of changing the discourse and filling the gaps on a national landscape. She is a registered supervisor and works closely with BAMT as their area group coordinator and CPD officer.

Luke and Davina talk about racial inequalities in the UK and in music therapy. They discuss the BAMT EDI Report, as well as Davina's personal experiences of growing up in the UK and training as a music therapist, including her experiences of racism. They consider where we go from here in relation to Black Lives Matter, and the current lack of racial diversity and representation in the UK music therapy profession.


Racism at Work

The Diversity Gap

Other resources:

The BAMT Diversity Report

BMJ Response to the government report

24 April 2021 Panel discussion chaired by Davina Wilson:

Racial Awareness in Music Therapy: Starting the journey to true EDIB


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