Dr Julie Sutton

17 May 2021

Julie Sutton works in a regional adult psychiatry NHS service for patients with severe, complex disturbance, and in private psychoanalytic practice. Having qualified in 1982 she retired from music therapy in June 2020. Over the decades her work covered most areas across the age range and she presented, lectured and examined nationally and internationally. Former Head of Training for NR London she also consulted for the Pavarotti Music Centre in Mostar. Her PhD looked at improvisation as a form of conversation & reflects a lifelong interest in relational musical processes. A BAMT Trustee for three terms, former Editor-in-Chief of the BJMT & EMTC Vice President, Julie has written about music therapy in many chapters and articles, including her books “Music, Music Therapy & Trauma” and “The Music in Music Therapy” (2002 & 2014). She is registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council and is a Board Member of the N. Ireland Psychoanalytic Society.

This was an unplanned conversation that covered many areas of theory, practice and life experience. Before that, a brief excerpt from episode 1 to mark the occasion!


'Breaking Free: Freud versus music' (BBC Sounds)

The musicologist Julie referred to was Max Graf

Karnac books by Andrea Sabbadini


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