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19 August 2016
Music therapy in cancer care
Our Development Director, Grace Watts, responds to the Cochrane Review: Music interventions for improving psychological and physical outcomes for cancer patients.

BAMT is delighted to see music therapy and music interventions recognised as having a significant role to play in the care of patients with cancer. 

The side effects of cancer treatments can affect the whole person, and impact significantly on quality of life. We welcome the review highlighting the beneficial effects music therapy and music can have on pain, fatigue, depression and improving quality of life for people with cancer. 

The findings from this review also highlight the unique role music therapists play in meeting the individual needs of patients through music therapy because of the personal attention and care, the creativity of the interactive music making, and the opportunity for emotional expression through singing and playing instruments offered in live, shared music making experiences.

We hope that this review will help better inform people with cancer, their carers, and the team around them of the important role therapies have to play alongside medical treatments in improving the health, wellbeing and recovery from cancer treatments for people with cancer. 

Music plays a fundamental role in our lives and is a powerful medium which can affect us all deeply. We very much welcome the recommendation of the inclusion of music therapy and music medicine interventions in psychosocial cancer care. We strongly support music therapy being available as part of care for people with cancer. 

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