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Fri 11th September
Virtual Reality in Mental Health & Psychological Therapies

This conference focuses on the practical and developing application of Virtual Reality technology in mental health and psychological therapies.

“Virtual reality is transforming psychological therapy in all sorts of areas, from phobias to pain management to eating disorders to post-traumatic stress disorder..There are very few conditions VR can’t help because, in the end, every mental health problem is about dealing with a problem in the real world, and VR can produce that troubling situation for you.”

Daniel Freeman, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Oxford, Evening Standard October 2019

“Virtual reality (VR) is not just being used for gaming. Already studies have shown that VR can be beneficial in helping to treat a whole-host of mental health conditions, including easing phobias, treating post-traumatic stress disorder, helping to lessen paranoia in psychotic disorders and reducing social anxiety.”

Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 2019

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