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Sat 24th October
Using the Small Harp in Music Therapy - William Jackson

Using the Small Harp in Music Therapy - Lecture by William Jackson, including video of active music therapy situations.

Length: 1½ hrs approx.

  • Identifying who can benefit from music therapy
  • Working in a theraputic setting
  • Promoting and developing communication & social skills through music therapy in special needs populations like autism and cerebral palsy
  • How to structure a music therapy session; using the small harp as well as other instruments

This workshop is aimed at musical and medical professionals including musicians, music teachers, music therapists, play therapists, doctors, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, indeed anyone caring for those with additional needs. It demonstrates how music therapy may be used with their students, patients or family members. All those interested in the field of music therapy will find this lecture both fascinating and invaluable as it demonstrates how harp may be used in music therapy. In this lecture Jackson draws on his own practise as well as demonstrating his narrative with harp and other instruments. 

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