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Tue 7th July to Sat 11th July
The Polyrhythms of Music Therapy

From the beginning of time, Africa has moved to the rhythms and sounds that gave birth to civilisation. The cradle of humankind pulsates with the music of life and life on the continent is inextricably tied to music. From marking life events such as birth and death and the celebration of marriage, to teaching our little ones to count and competing against each other in sports events, music is the golden thread of continuity in our lives. The polyrhythms of Africa hold a diversity of music, expression and possibility.

We are proud to inform you that the World Congress of Music Therapy is being hosted at the University of Pretoria from 7-11 July, 2020. The World Congress is held every three years in different elected countries, in partnership with the World Federation of Music Therapy. The year 2020 signals 21 years of the Master's Music Therapy training at the University of Pretoria, and 26 years of music therapy in South Africa, with its early beginnings at the University of Cape Town. In celebrating these milestones, we could think of nothing more appropriate than hosting the World Congress for the very first time on African soil. The theme for the congress is The Polyrhythms of Music Therapy.

We invite you to explore the polyrhythms of Music Therapy as you join us for the 2020 World Congress of Music Therapy. We invite music therapists from around the world to experience the richness, diversity, resources and depths of Africa!

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