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Sun 15th March
Sidrah Muntaha’s ‘A Woman’s Love’

Singing key songs from significant love stories, Sidrah Muntaha brings beauty to an interpretation of Hindi and Bengali love songs that reveals strength, confidence and power.

What to expect
Sidrah will be singing a variety of Hindi and Bengali songs related to the theme of women expressing love and sharing stories of love. This includes songs from significant love stories (i.e ‘Layla Majnu’, originating from Arab culture) as well as Hindi songs depicting an altruistic form of love through worship and self-sacrifice. The show will also highlight how some love songs can reveal a woman’s power which contrast with stereotypes and traditional discourses about the submissive nature of women.

About Sidrah Muntaha
As well as an accomplished singer, Sidrah is a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in music for social change and emotional healing. She provides music based therapies and performs South Asian songs which promote social awareness

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