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Wed 19th June to Thu 20th June
Mentalization Based Arts Psychotherapies for BPD and Psychosis

2 day training
Date: 19th and 20th of June 2019
(9:30-16:30 GMT)
An arts psychotherapies Mentalization Based model focuses on re-representations (image, sound, movement, narrative) of self and other and the underlying affect linked with the interpersonal context. A range of methods will be highlighted that help to promote conditions for developing implicit and explicit reflections as well as understanding non-mentalizing processes and how these manifest in mental health conditions associated with Borderline Personality Disorder or psychosis. Verbal and arts based interventions and strategies are described in the context of arts psychotherapies practice and are explored in relation to working with individuals and groups. The trainers also adapt the training, where possible, to the aims that are collaboratively set. Teaching includes presentations and experiential work.
Learning Objectives
Day 1
• To understand the characteristics of BPD
• To know the basic concepts of MBT
• To know a mentalizing therapeutic stance
• To know what ‘good mentalizing’ looks like
• To know what ‘non-mentalizing states’ look like
• To begin to explore how using verbal skills in arts psychotherapies can be used as part of a mentalization based treatment
Day 2
• To understand a medical and psychodynamic formulation of psychoses and BPD
• To know how the existing evidence underpins practice
• To know the therapeutic stance
• To be able to put into practice a range of mentalizing competencies
• To understand a dynamic process of arts based interventions for psychosis/ BPD
CPD Certified

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