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Tue 16th October
Mental Health in Schools Conference

Guest of Honour: Janet Smith, Children’s and Young People’s Mental Health Green Paper Team, Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)

There has been growing prevalence of mental health problems in children and young people and the evidence linking well-being, learning and academic achievement shows it should no longer be seen as an optional extra.

Chaired by Dean Johnstone, CEO at Minds Ahead, with contributions from MHFA England, National Development Team for Inclusion and PSHE Association, among others, our Mental Health in Schools conference will explore how you can collaborate with the NHS, voluntary sector and local authorities to improve the provision, commission and delivery of services. You will receive practical advice about implementing different models of mental health provision in schools including mental health and school link services, peer-to-peer support, in-school counselling and ‘whole-school’ approaches. You will learn how to overcome stigma by teaching pupils, staff and parents about mental health awareness.

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