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Fri 6th December to Sat 7th December
International congress of Musicotherapy

Since the night of times, the music crosses the emotions, the languages and the care with a multiplicity of expressions, practices and of research. Acuity contextual oscillates today between holding of protectionisms, of experiments technological, of research neuropsychological or of devices based on EBM (Obviousness Based Medicine) which beyond the currents théorico-private clinics, the schools of references and the representations ideological which animate them, tends to meet! 

In fact, the musicothérapie today cannot be written that in the plural so much the contributions are multiple. Gradually, it became transdisciplinaire. Neurology anthropology, psychology, sociology, musicology, etc lead it towards a mutualisation of knowledge and means to work out the devices of care and to locate the operational mechanisms/processes of them that is in qualitative terms like quantitative. 

Between perception and feeling, recognition and expression, tension and relaxation, reactor containment and fear, anaesthesia and somato-psychic energy, apathy and vital dash, put rhythm into and immobility, destructuring and coherence of oneself, lapse of memory and reminiscence, linearity and circularity, instanciation and distance, primary education and symbolization, pause and temporality, insulation and intersubjectivity, pleasure and displeasure, vocality and musical quality, nationalism and interculturality, etc; the mechanisms and processes generated by the musicothérapies appear innumerable. 

With the ell of the nuances of forms of the depressions (émoussement emotional, moroseness, existential spleen, unhappiness reactional, depressivity, turbid depressive characterized, turbid of mood, etc) capable to appear in situations as unexpected as multiple, the musicothérapies occur like a nonmedicamentous accompaniment of election. 

In the landscape “of the therapeutic mediations”, one of the major assets of the musicothérapies is thus to have with abundance of research and practices ground which, reverse of the situation, sometimes pains to meet in the same serene space. To convene the depression with its plural facets to test itself with such a meeting concerns a challenge to share together under the aegis of excellence, the care and humanity. 

With this International Congress, the occasion is given to you to present on the one hand your work and achievements, on the other hand your commitments, projects, research and reflections. 

Do not hesitate to propose to us a communication, a poster, a round table, a workshop or others. 

All your proposals (oral communications, posters, workshops, etc) must appear as only one layer (21 X 29.7) recto comprising in the order: 
- an explicit title (with possibly a subtitle); 

it name and first name of the authors; 
- a detailed summary from 15 to 20 lines with 3 to 4 bibliographical references; 
- the possible hardware requirement with your intervention; 
it complete first name and name of the authors with the addresses (such, fax, e-mail included) at the end of the layer. 

They must reach us before May 31st, 2019 at the address E-mail following:

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