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Mon 12th October
Improving Access and Treatment for Eating Disorders: Towards Recovery

The NHS Long Term Plan and accompanying Mental Health Implementation Plan has demonstrated a commitment to improve support and treatment for people with eating disorders. This conference focuses on making that plan a reality through developing services for Eating Disorders: improving access, treatment and recovery outcomes, and meeting the national standards for children, young people and adult services. 

“Eating disorders have among the highest mortality rates of any mental illness, yet people’s chances of recovery are being subjected to a lottery and lives are at risk.”

Andrew Radford Chief Executive Beat Beating Eating Disorders, 18th June 2019

“One estimate of the numbers of people with eating disorders in the UK is between 600,000 and 725,000. An alternative estimate suggests the figure is 1.25 million. Regardless of precise figures, it has been suggested that eating disorders may be one of the most common mental health problems. Accordingly the provision of effective treatment and services for people who have an eating disorder is a serious matter for society.”

Ignoring the Alarms follow-up: Too many avoidable deaths from eating disorders, UK Parliament 18th June 2019.

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